Important Travel Assistance Services

photo of a customer support person If You Ever Need Help, CSA's Worldwide 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services Are Just a Free Phone Call Away. Services are provided by CSA's designated providers.

(877) 243-4135
Toll-free in the United States
(240) 330-1529
Collect from anywhere else in the world*

On Demand Medical Services
Falling ill is never fun, but it doesn't have to be difficult to find what you need when traveling. With just one call, we can provide you with immediate access to on-call physicians, medical advice, and even a referral to a physician near you using CSA's designated provider network of 30,000 physicians and 850,000 service providers worldwide. It's like taking a doctor with you on vacation.
  • Consult A Doctor™
  • Connect instantly with a network of physicians for information, advice, and treatment, including prescription medication, when appropriate. Save time and money and get back to enjoying your vacation.
  • No Out-Of-Pocket Medical
  • If you get sick or injured while traveling, we can get you in touch with a trusted provider and even handle the payment for acute, one-time treatments of up to $1,000.

Once you have purchased your CSA Travel Protection plan, CSA's Emergency Assistance Providers can help you with an array of other services. Our plans include 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services at no additional cost. Many of these valuable services are available the day after you buy your policy right up to your arrival back home.

Just call CSA's designated assistance provider toll-free at (877) 243-4135 in the United States or collect at (240) 330-1529 from anywhere else in the world* for immediate aid with the following:


  • Medical Referral
  • Traveling Companion Assistance
  • Emergency Cash Transfer
  • Legal Referral
  • Locating Lost or Stolen Items
  • Replacement of Medication and Eyeglasses
  • Embassy and Consular Services
  • Worldwide Medical Information
  • Interpretation/Translation
  • Emergency Message Relay
  • Pet Return
  • Vehicle Return

Your travel insurance plan documents include the toll-free and collect phone numbers to call, plus a complete Description of our 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services.

Please see your plan details for more information regarding plan exclusions and benefits.

* You should have available your plan code, your Policy/Reference number, your location, a local telephone number, and details of the situation. The assistance provider will confirm your enrollment and assist you. If you cannot call collect from your location, dial direct and give the assistance coordinator your telephone number and location and they will call you back. To call collect from a foreign country, you may first need to reach a live operator on the line. In some cases, that operator may not understand how to process collect calls to the United States. To be prepared, please visit for information on how to reach an English-speaking operator. If you were unable to reach CSA collect and paid for your call, we will ask you for a number to phone you back at so you will pay no further charges.

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